Since good music systems depend on good set-up and maintenance, good service has always been part of our company policy. We want music enthusiasts to always be up to date with improvements and innovations. We would like to share with you music that touches us and others, and that is special in sound and music.

Perfect music reproduction can only be achieved if all components are set up and adjusted correctly. As a rule, this is done by your specialised dealer on site. In case this cannot be guaranteed for some reason or you are not satisfied with the sound of your system, our tips and tricks will help you. We cannot give you all the tips here, as some things can only be done by specialists in order to avoid damage.

It is possible that our tips & tricks will initially worsen the sound – this is usually due to the fact that errors may compensate each other. If you work with a room correction, like Linn’s “Space Optimizing”, which we will discuss later, the tips described here should all be done before the room optimisation. So don’t worry, the end result will be convincing.

Our tips & tricks are no substitute for a specialist. We are happy to help you either on site, by phone or by remote maintenance. This service is usually free of charge for products purchased from us!