About us

Music is the most direct experience of human culture. It enriches us, provides new insights and influences our mood. It affects the listener in a way that goes far beyond the moment.

The more correctly music is played, the better it can develop its effect. As a specialist dealer, we see ourselves in a key position to provide you with this access to music.

The HiFi-Studio Achterholt in Bremen exists since 35 years.

Since its introduction to the German market we have been offering mainly products of the Linn company. This Scottish manufacturer plays a technologically leading role in the field of high quality music reproduction systems.

Linn relies – completely against the spirit of the times – on the specialist dealer. Instead of short-lived bargains, you get sustainable access to the intensive experience of music. Each system is assembled according to your wishes and needs and installed on site at no extra cost.

Linn’s systems are of course network-capable and allow connection to streaming services, integration of video/TV and the creation of a personal music archive in studio quality. We will be happy to advise you on network technology and data backup and take care of the installation.

We are easy for you to reach in the city centre of Bremen. You will find a sufficient number of parking spaces in the adjacent side streets.