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Selekt DSM: Edition Hub

A superior-quality, all-machined design

Black Anodised
Silver Anodised
  • Exceptionally rigid structure with precision fit and finish
  • Improved control dial for silky smooth operation
  • Six programmable extruded-aluminium ‘smart’ buttons
  • All-glass fascia with crisp, large-format display
  • Wide range of inputs accepts virtually any source
  • High-performance MM/MC/Line In Analog Phono Stage
  • Integrated 1/4” headphone output
  • Stereo RCA Sub output for bass reinforcement/bass redirect
  • Stereo RCA Sub output for bass reinforcement/bass redirect

The world’s first, fully customisable and future-proof digital source for hi-fi enthusiasts…

…a high-performance offering unlike anything else on the market.

Edition Hub is a superior-quality enclosure, featuring an all-machined construction for improved rigidity, interior isolation, and elevated aesthetic appeal – with sleek sight lines, concealed joins and understated luxury at the fore.

The Edition Hub chassis consists of four plates, rigidly bolted together. The side pieces are flawlessly aligned with the base using pins, with four long bolts subsequently torqued-in for an exceptionally rigid fix, with a pleasing, precision fit and finish.

Providing both requisite heat management and high design appeal, the primary vent of Edition Hub is precision-cut into its aluminium plate lid. The vent itself is evocative of a wave, with each aperture cut at an angle, and only every second one machined all the way through. When viewed from different angles, this wave motif morphs and ripples – with myriad reflections projected from its various finishes and surfaces.

Edition Hub features a much-improved, eye-catching control dial. Its precision, turned-stainless-steel bearing ensures silky, tactile rotation when adjusting volume; and the photo-etched steel halo around its edge allows cool, sharp light to emanate from the one hundred individual LEDs beneath.

The all-glass fascia of Edition Hub is composed of mirrored spy glass; with the large-format display concealed behind it displaying crisp, clear information when necessary, and fading to total invisibility when not.

A broad range of connections on Edition Hub’s back panel ensures that it can receive, process and expertly deliver audio from any source imaginable; with a high-performance, integrated, analogue-to-digital conversion stage accepting anything from turntables to CD players, and a host of digital connections allowing connection from video streaming devices, games consoles, and Blu-ray players – ensuring you get the best possible sound from anything you connect to your Selekt DSM.

Edition Hub features, as standard, Linn’s all-new, exceptionally efficient, highly responsive, and precision-regulated power supply design – our best yet – Utopik.

Technical Specifications
Configurable, modular, network music player with inputs for separate digital and analogue sources; plus configuration options including (but not limited to) source-only, source + amps, and a variety of Surround Sound applications. Optional upgrade to Katalyst DAC, or peak performance with Organik DAC.

Every Selekt DSM includes:
Support for FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, DSD (64/128/256), MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC and OGG at up to 24-bit/384kHz resolution
Wireless Streaming via WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2
MM/MC Phono Stage
Analogue Input (RCA Pair)
Space Optimisation
Exakt Ready

Inputs as Standard
Ethernet x1
Toslink x2
SPDIF (x1 configurable in/out) x2
USB Typ-B (Audio Class 2) x1
Line Level Phono (RCA) x1
MM Phono (RCA) x1
MC Phono (RCA) x1

Outputs as Standard
HDMI 2.0 (optional upgrade) x1
Exakt Link x2
SPDIF (configurable in/out) x1
RCA Subwoofer Out x1 (nur Edition Hub)
1/4″ Headphone Jack x1 (nur Edition Hub)

With Surround Sound Upgrade (DSP and HDMI switching modules)
HDMI Input x4
HDMI Output x1 (doubles as eARC)
Surround Sound Processing Up to 7.2
Surround Sound Processing DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS 96/24, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital and PCM

Width355 mm
Height119 mm
Depth355 mm
Weight9,5 kg – 12,3 kg

Devices upgrades

Enjoy the best possible sound for the lifetime of your product

Find out how you can upgrade your network music player to the latest specification. We offer a range of upgrades for most models. Some of our older products aren’t listed below, but may still be able to be fitted with the latest technology. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Network players (Streamer)

Organik DAC Upgrade

Organik is the culmination of over thirty years of digital technology expertise. We pioneered high-performance digital streaming in the hi-fi industry; and we’re raising the bar yet again, thanks to this paradigm shift in digital-to-analog conversion technology.

  • Available for:
  • Klimax DSM (all variants)
  • Klimax 350 Integrated Loudspeakers
  • Klimax DS (all variants)
  • Klimax Exaktbox
  • Selekt DSM (Stereo or Dual-Mono)

Add HDMI 2.0 compatibility

Compatibility with HDMI 2.0 was added in September 2016*, handling UHD (4K) and HDR video pass-through for compatibility with ultra-high definition video sources and displays.
We can perform this upgrade on site.

  • Available for:
  • Klimax DSM
  • System Hub
  • Akurate DSM
  • Akurate System Hub
  • Selekt DSM
  • Majik DSM

Add Surround Sound Processing capability (up to 7.1 channels)

A simple, high performance one-box 5.1 Surround solution can be achieved by upgrading Selekt DSM to Selekt DSM Surround with Integrated Power Amps – just add speakers.

  • Available for:
  • Klimax DSM
  • Klimax System Hub
  • Akurate DSM
  • Akurate System Hub
  • Selekt DSM

Dynamik Netzteil

Dynamik has greater mains noise isolation, more power and faster response, clearly outperforming bulky and noisy conventional power supplies.

  • Available for:
  • Klimax DSM (pre-2009 models)
  • Akurate DS (pre-2009 models)
  • Majik DS (pre-2009 models)

Utopik Power

This exceptionally efficient, highly responsive, and precision-regulated power supply design is our first entirely new topology since 2009 – and it’s our best yet.

  • Soon Available!


  • Upgrades for the Klimax Radikal & Akurate Radikal are available at Hifi-Studio Achterholt.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us and we will help you to improve your music system! Your Jürgen Achterholt




Events & Concerts


Alan Silvestri – “I’m Forrest… Forrest Gump” (Forrest Gump)

Stanley Kubrick – “Also sprach Zarathustra” ( 2001 A Space Odyssey)

Eric Weisberg – “Dueling Banjos” (Deliverance)

Pink Floyd – “Mother & Outside the Wall” (The Wall)

John Barry – “The loss of the Journal & Farewell / End” (Der mit dem Wolf tanzt)

Ennio Morricone – “Once upon a time in the West” (Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod)

Bruce Springsteen – “Secret Garden” (Jerry Maguire)

Florian Ostertag – “Season of Monsoon” – (About a Girl)

Bruce Springsteen – “Streets of Philadelphia” (Philadelphia)

Pat Metheny – “Capture” (The Falcon and the Snowman)

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MARTHA (Flotow)

with Fritz Wunderlich (Tenor), Anneliese Rothenberger (Sopran), Gottlob Frick (Bass) and Hetty Plümacher (Alt). Berliner Symphoniker (Klobucar) and the Chor from the Deutschen Oper Berlin (Lüddecke)
Cover: Martha - Fritz Wunderlich
My favourites:
  • Letzte Rose
  • Mitternacht
  • Mag der Himmel euch vergeben
  • Ach so fromm
  • Jetzt, ihr Freunde jung und alt (Finale)


Artur Rubinstein “Op.37, no.2 in G” (Nocturnes)

Menuhin “Raga Piloo” (Menuhin meets Shankar)

Menuhin (Furtwängler) “I. Allegro molto Appassionata ….” (Mendelsohn Concerto in e minor)

B. Gigli “Ave Maria (das zweite mit Chor)” (Ave Maria)

Lisa Batiashvili – “Dance of the Knights” (Visions of Prokofiev)

Günther Wand (Beethoven) – “Symphony No.9 in D minor – Molte vivace – Presto” (Symphony No.9)

Max Bruch – “Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor, Op.26 1 -3 mit Shlomo Mintz” (Legendary Recordings)

Walter Carlos – “Suicide Scherzo – Symphonie No.9″ (Clockwork Orange)

Caruso – “Di quella pira” (Caruso sings Verdi)

Rodrigo – “Concierto de Aranjuez – I. Allegro con spirito” – (Concertos – Songs With Guitar)

Caruso – “Amor ti vieta (Fedora)” (The digital Album)

Fritz Wunderlich – “Tamino mein! ….. (Mozart)” – (The Art of Fritz Wunderlich)

Solti – “Beglückt darf nun dich, o Heimat, ich schauen (Wagner)” (Tannhäuser)

G. di Stefano / Callas – “Mamma, quel vino e generoso (Mascagni)” – (Cavallaria Rusticana / Serafin)

Georg Thill – “Aida (Verdi)” (I Incomparable)

G. di Stefano – “Cilea / L Arlesiana” – ( Opern Arias)

Saint-Saens (Hurford) – “Sinfonie No.3 in C Minor – 1b. Poco adagio” – ( Sinfonie Nr.3 “Orgelsinfonie” )

Fritz Wunderlich – “Ja, es ward Abend – Mädchen, in deinen Augen liegt ein Zauber – ….” – ( Fritz Wunderlich – Der große deutsche Tenor )

Nicolai Gedda – “Viene la sera – Bimba dagli….. – Vogliatemi bene” – ( Singer Portrait: The young Nicolai Gedda )

Herman Prey – “Erlkönig” – ( Löwe Balladen )

Renata Tebaldi (Madame Butterfly) – “Viene la sera / Bimba dagli Occhi / Vogliatemi bene, un bene piccolino” – ( Greatest Opera Masters )

Maria Callas (Samson et Dalila) – “Mon Couer s’ouvre a a voix” – ( Romantic Callas )

Carlo Bergonzi (Karajan) – “Finale – Mamma, quel vino generoso – ( Cavallaria Rusticana )

Jess Thomas (Kempe) – “Nun sei bedankt, mein lieber Schwan” & “In fernem Land (Gralserzählung) – ( Lohengrin-Highlights )

Carreras, Domingo & Pavarotti – “Nessun Dorma” (In Concert)

David Garrett – “Swan Lake Theme” (Garrett vs Paganini)

Cavallaria Rusticana – “Intermezzo sinfonico” (Cossotto, Bergonzi, Karajan)

Georg Thill – “La Juive (Halevy)” (I Incomparable)

Renata Tebaldi – “Ebben? Ne andro lotana” (La Wally) Beautiful! 

Maria Callas – “La mamma morta” (The very best of Maria Callas) Probably the most beautiful explanation of this song can be found here:

Alfredo Kraus – “Relato de Rafael” (La Dolorosa)

Maria Callas – “Norma, Act I: Casta Diva (Live)” (Bellini: Norma (Callas, Filippeschi))

Artur Rubinstein (Chopin) – “Nocturne op 9,1 in b-Moll” (Nocturnes)

Alfredo Kraus – “Ave Maria” (Gayarre)

Ormandy – “Symphony No.3 in C Minor, Op.78 “Organ”: Poco adagio” (Organ Symphony ……..)

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf – “Im Abendrot” (Vier letzte Lieder) R. Strauss

Iiro Rantala – “Freedom” (mozart bernstein, lennon)

Guiseppe Di Stefano – Werther “Pourquoi me reveiller” (The Decca Recordings)

Hilary Hahn – Vaughan Williams “The Lark Ascending” (Retrospecktive)

Maria Callas, N. Gedda – Madame Butterfly “Vogliateme bene” (PUCCINI Madame Butterfly)

Geotg Szell – Tannhäuser “Overture” (Szell Conducts Wagner)

Geotg Szell – Tristan und Isolde “Prelude – Liebestod” (Szell Conducts Wagner)

Martha (Flotow) with Fritz Wunderlich


James Last – “Seduction” (Seduction)

Don Kosaken – “Abendglocken” (Lied vom Don)

Heinz Rühmann – “La Le Lu” (La Le Lu)

Freddy Quinn – “Die Gitarre und das Meer” (Freddy, die Gitarre und das Meer)

Milva – “Ich hab keine Angst” – (Gesichter einer Frau)

Esther Ofarim – “Kinderlieder” – (Esther)

Alexa Feser – “Wunderfinder feat. Curse (Akustik Piano Version)” – (Zwischen den Sekunden)

Hans Albers – “Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins” – (Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins)

Max Raabe – “Fahrrad fahr`n” – (Der perfekte Moment… wird heute verpennt)

Helene Fischer – “Atemlos durch die Nacht (Acapella-Version)” (Farbenspiel Live die Stadion Tour)

Milva – “Zusammenleben” (Von Tag zu Tag)

Frank Sinatra (Pavarotti) – “My Way” (Best of Duets)

Die großen Erfolge (Fritz Wunderlich)