• The Organik DAC

    The first ever pure Linn digital-to-analogue converter

    Linn Organik DAC

    The Organik DAC is Linn’s first digital-to-analogue converter designed and manufactured entirely in-house.

    In the Organik DAC, Linn handles every element of the digital-to-analog conversion process through a combination of FPGA processing and a discrete converter stage.

    These are designed to work together in perfect harmony. They are precisely controlled and relentlessly optimised for exceptional audio performance.

    An order of magnitude better

    Organik offers significantly less noise and distortion and measures better than anything we have achieved before.

    Experience Organik

    Our in-house developed Organik DAC is at the heart of a new generation of Linn products and enables our most natural sound ever.
  • The next Klimax generation

    Next generation Klimax DSM is the best yet, applying decades of audio innovation and digital technology learnings. With its extreme engineering and breathtaking sound, Klimax DSM is the closest you’ll get to streaming audio perfection.

    Designed from the ground up, Klimax DSM is housed in an exquisite precision-machined new enclosure, providing vital acoustic isolation along with visual and tactile luxury.

    On the inside, the beating heart is the ground-breaking home-grown Linn Organik DAC, enabling our most natural sound ever.

    Linn Klimax DSM 2021Next-generation Klimax DSM contains features and technology developed by our engineers across years of industry-leading research and development, including the groundbreaking new Organik DAC.
    Designed without compromise and manufactured entirely in-house, the home-grown all-Linn Organik DAC combines FPGA processing with a discrete conversion stage, enabling us to precisely control and optimise every stage of the digital to analogue conversion process for the first time.
    Linn Space Optimizing LogoLinn Organik Logo

    Listening is believing
    Information lost at the source is lost forever. No matter how good the subsequent amplifiers or speakers are, you cannot get back what has already been lost, so it is important that you put the best possible source at the top of your system.

  • The new Linn MAJIK DSM is here!

    The new Majik DSM has all the connectivity to handle everything, whether wired or wireless via WiFi or Bluetooth. Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, your own stored music collection…
    Whether you stream music or use one of the many inputs to connect your 4K TV, Sky Box, Apple TV, game console…or even a turntable.
    With the new Majik DSM at the heart of all your home entertainment, you’ll get the best possible sound from everything you hear, in one room or in many others.

  • New Linn Tonearm Krane

    The new Linn Crane tonearm for the LP12 will soon be available and in demonstration.

    Linn Krane TonarmThe new crane arm takes more details out of the record to achieve even better sound quality. Together with the new Karousel bearing, the crane will raise the performance of the Majik LP12 to a higher level, making it the entry-level model with the highest performance and best value for money.
    Even if you buy now the Majik LP12 with the, carbon tonearm (Project), you can change to the crane at the beginning of 2021, when the crane is also available separately, against payment of the extra price.
  • Linn KLIMAX (complete) weeks
    The Linn KLIMAX system contains the best of everything the market has to offer music lovers in one complete, integrated package. (more…)
  • Linn App for Apple (IOS)
    Better than Roon? (more…)
  • Linn Kustom DSM (Multiroom)
    With the Kustom DSM you can enjoy great sound in every room of your home. Using Linn’s proven, world-class DSM streaming technology, the Kustom DSM offers 4 or 8 audio zones. (more…)
  • Linn Series 3 Wireless System
    The best sounding wireless music system, according to the trade press, is now available from Linn. The excellent sound could only be made possible by the Exakt system. (more…)
  • Linn Select DSM
    With one of the most innovative music systems Linn has ever built. Now also in surround! (more…)
  • Personalize your LP 12

    Colour or colour tone of the LP 12 can be freely selected. Or your monogram beautifully engraved by laser with up to four letters of your choice. See also here.