Linn Sondek LP12

The Sondek LP12 turntable is the most durable of all hi-fi devices. Since its introduction in 1972 it has been the benchmark against which all other turntables are measured.

LP12SE mit Kandid

LP12SE mit Kandid-Tonabnehmer

When designing the Sondek LP12, the founder of FIrm, Ivor Tiefenbrun, made the fundamental experience that the signal source is decisive for the musical result. This amazingly simple thesis had never before been consistently advocated in the hi-fi industry. Even today, the clear hierarchy in the reproduction chain is often put into perspective, which leads to a correspondingly modest result.

What the turntable does not read from the groove, even the best amplifiers and speakers cannot bring back.

The unbelievably small deflections in the plate groove require the highest mechanical precision. This task is so complex that amazing improvements are still possible. Even after decades, Linn continues to develop the product further. All upgrades can always be retrofitted.

The LP12 is a modular system. Drive base and drive motor, tonearm and pick-up system can be selected and combined according to requirements and budget. The variety of possibilities and subtleties of tuning make competent advice indispensable.

Since the beginning at the end of the 70’s we have been dealing with the LP12. With its underlying philosophy, it represents the nucleus and essence of the Linn company and our hi-fi studio. Profit from this decades of experience.

An LP12 is installed and maintained by us at your site. The high mechanical precision and complete upgradeability ensure value retention over decades.

Components of the LP12 in the different quality levels

  • Majik – standard subchassis, Majik AC motor control, Majik tonearm, Adikt MM pickup
  • Akurate – Kore subchassis, external Lingo AC motor control, Akito 2 tonearm, Klyde MC pickup system
  • Klimax / LP12SE – Keel subchassis, external radical DC motor control, Ekos SE tonearm, Kandid MC pickup, integrated Urika MC phono preamplifier