Linn DSM

Majik DSM, der mediale Alleskönner

Majik DSM, der mediale Alleskönner

Linn DSM — Was ist das?

A Linn DSM is a playback device (new english: streaming player), which turns data in the network into music in highest quality. Whether it is music from your hard drive, iPad, an Internet radio station or a streaming service such as Spotify or Tidal: The Linn DSM will play it all with unsurpassed musicality. A Linn DSM also includes a preamplifier with analog and digital audio/video inputs, making it the heart of a first-class music system.

Linn was the first specialist manufacturer to consistently rely on streaming technology because it offers significant sonic advantages. Why are there sound differences? After all, this is digital technology, which should not actually exist. A CD player has to read all data from the CD immediately and any disturbance of the scanning process can have a negative influence on the result. The streaming player, on the other hand, receives all data via a network protocol with multiple safeguards and can take care of optimal playback at its leisure.

The CD keeps the digital playback at the technical level of the early 80s. In recording studios, much higher resolution has long been used. The DSM technology makes this quality available to every interested music listener. The range of music titles in studio master quality is constantly increasing. Take a look for yourself at Highresaudio, Qobuz and of course also at Linn Records.

Each Linn DSM can be individually adapted to the acoustics of your living space with Space Optimisation.

Every current Linn DSM also features an Exact Link output, which allows you to further enhance playback using Exact Technology.