Musik Tips

  • TIPP DER WOCHE (16.05.2022)

    [JAZZ] Union – “Don’t look back” (State of the Union)

    [JAZZ] Prince – “The Cross” (Sign ‘o’ the Times)

    [ROCK / POP] Peter Gabriel – “Secret World” (Us)

    [ROCK / POP] Pierre Moerlen’s Gong – “Ard Na Greine” (Time is the Key)

    [ROCK / POP] Tracy Chapman – “Crossroads” (Crossroads)

  • Jazz

    New Past – “Wake up (Live)” (Xjazz! Festival Compelation #1)

    Nils Landgren – “4WD (Live) & Silent Way (Live)” (4 Wheel Drive Live)

    Art Pepper – “Summertime” (The Art of Pepper)

    Dollar Brand – “ASR” (Children of Africa)

    Don Shirley – “The Warning” (The Don Shirley point of view)

    Caldera – “Reflections Don Quixote” (Dreamer)

    Bob James – “Farandole (L’Arlesienne Suite #2)” (Two)

    Carol Kidd – “When I Dream” (All My Tomorrows)

    Oakwood Station – “A trace of Light” ( A trace of Light )

    Stockholm Jazz Quartet – “Medborgarplatsen” (Jazz smooth as a Feather)

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  • Klassik

    Lisa Batiashvili – “Dance of the Knights” (Visions of Prokofiev)

    Günther Wand (Beethoven) – “Symphony No.9 in D minor – Molte vivace – Presto” (Symphony No.9)

    Max Bruch – “Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor, Op.26 1 -3 mit Shlomo Mintz” (Legendary Recordings)

    Walter Carlos – “Suicide Scherzo – Symphonie No.9″ (Clockwork Orange)

    Caruso – “Di quella pira” (Caruso sings Verdi)

    Rodrigo – “Concierto de Aranjuez – I. Allegro con spirito” – (Concertos – Songs With Guitar)

    Caruso – “Amor ti vieta (Fedora)” (The digital Album)

    Fritz Wunderlich – “Tamino mein! ….. (Mozart)” – (The Art of Fritz Wunderlich)

    Solti – “Beglückt darf nun dich, o Heimat, ich schauen (Wagner)” (Tannhäuser)

    G. di Stefano / Callas – “Mamma, quel vino e generoso (Mascagni)” – (Cavallaria Rusticana / Serafin)

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  • Rock / Pop

    Nils Lofgren – “Heaven’s Rain” (Bonus Tracks)

    Passenger – “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” (Young as the Morning Old as the Sea)

    Bill Fay – “How long, how long” (Countless Branches)

    Hayley Williams – “Leave it alone” (Petals for Armor)

    Faye Webster – “Better Distractions” (I know I´m funny haha)

    Mark Knopfler – “Going Home” (Local Hero)

    Tabou Combo – “New York” (8th Sacrement)

    Fleedwood Mac – “Dreams” (Rumours)

    R. Kelly – “I believe I can fly” (R.)

    James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful” (Back to Bedlam)

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  • Schlager

    James Last – “Seduction” (Seduction)

    Don Kosaken – “Abendglocken” (Lied vom Don)

    Heinz Rühmann – “La Le Lu” (La Le Lu)

    Freddy Quinn – “Die Gitarre und das Meer” (Freddy, die Gitarre und das Meer)

    Milva – “Ich hab keine Angst” – (Gesichter einer Frau)

    Esther Ofarim – “Kinderlieder” – (Esther)

    Alexa Feser – “Wunderfinder feat. Curse (Akustik Piano Version)” – (Zwischen den Sekunden)

    Hans Albers – “Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins” – (Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins)

    Max Raabe – “Fahrrad fahr`n” – (Der perfekte Moment… wird heute verpennt)

    Helene Fischer – “Atemlos durch die Nacht (Acapella-Version)” – (Farbenspiel Live die Stadion Tour)

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  • Soundtracks

    Alan Silvestri – “I’m Forrest… Forrest Gump” (Forrest Gump)

    Stanley Kubrick – “Also sprach Zarathustra” ( 2001 A Space Odyssey)

    Eric Weisberg – “Dueling Banjos” (Deliverance)

    Pink Floyd – “Mother & Outside the Wall” (The Wall)

    John Barry – “The loss of the Journal & Farewell / End” (Der mit dem Wolf tanzt)

    Ennio Morricone – “Once upon a time in the West” (Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod)

    Bruce Springsteen – “Secret Garden” (Jerry Maguire)

    Florian Ostertag – “Season of Monsoon” – (About a Girl)

    Bruce Springsteen – “Streets of Philadelphia” (Philadelphia)

    Pat Metheny – “Capture” (The Falcon and the Snowman)

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